Camp Teapunk

Probably the best camp on Playa

We are a camp of 25-35 burners with about 2/3 of us being long time veteran burners (5 years or more). Some of us met in the default world and some in various camps at the burn before creating our own camp in 2022. Our ethos are intentional, our energy is authentic and passionate, our work ethic unmatched. We are family. Anyone who joins our camp should expect and look forward to being a part of that family. There is a reason we say "welcome home" when you hit the playa, because friends are the family we choose for ourselves.This group was brought together each on their own merit having their own gifts, personalities and desires they bring to the table to create this wonderful family we call "Teapunk". We wake every morning to the sound of laughter in our camp. We bust our butts to to create a home for our camp and our community that is welcoming, fun and real. There are no sparkle ponies here who sit on the sidelines. The desert brings hardships (weather, injury, forgotten goggles, stolen bikes, etc) and when those things happen we as a camp protect eachother with grace, kindness and chivalry. Ladies, there is no safer place on playa then amoungst these men, I truly believe that with all my heart. Men, this is a brotherhood of antics and fun amoung honorable men that will make you want to come back, year after year.Our conversations range from politically incorrect taunting (with tons of laughter) to deep heartfelt life stories between camp mates that truly have changed peoples lives. Our group dinners are the types of get togethers you wish your family had. Our interactivity always brings back repeat customers every time we open. With generous hearts, welcoming arms and a willingness to serve our fellow burners, Teapunk is a place where all who visit long to stay.If this sounds like a place that YOU would like to stay, please complete the application. We will let you know we recieved your application and be in touch early to schedule a time for us to "meet" via zoom.Dusty hugs,